So basically, I quit my job in Austria, and decided to go abroad for some months. I started in New York in April 2014 and made my way to Portland till October. Usually I travel with by bus, train or plane, cause I could afford a rental car for not more than a month, but then, I really would like to use it. I did. I drove from Boulder/Colorado to Salt Lake City and up north to Yellowstone National Park and Montana, and then car return in Seattle, about 3500 miles in 25 days, and I stopped here and there and took some time lapses. Started out with the video function from my Canon 5d Mark 2, but I wasn´t happy with the details compared to a raw photo, also battery life and the 15minute recording limit was a real bummer. So I took about 20.000 photos, about 500, or a16gb card per set, with an intervalometer usually about every 6 seconds for about 90 minutes per set, with the camera usually set to manual, sometimes set to automatic time value, for sunset or sunrises.
Editing was done with Premiere Pro 2014 in 4k. I´m still used to FCP7 and have to re-learn a lot of shortcuts. I used a MacBook Pro 15″ Retina 2013 with 16gb ram and a USB3 drive for the pictures, which is a rocksolid machine so far, but still took countless nights to export the photos and render the video.
Music by: Maxence Cyrin, Where is my mind? (Pixies Piano Cover)

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