time for a small update. still working on the last bits and pieces of “monolog”.

The hardest part right now is to render all the 3d animation in final quality, which takes about 1-2 hours per frame, per computer, and needing about 3000 frames, would sum up to about 250 days of non stop waiting. To get stuff done, I borrowed several computers of friends and colleagues, at the high point of the project, there are 9 computers with a total of 96 render cores (mostly high performance xeon processors, including hyperthreading) rendering, most of them, – around the clock. There are 6 computers at my desk alone. The biggest problem actually is the heat, cause at the time of writing, we have around 35 degrees in Vienna, plus several computers running their processor between 50-70degrees, it´s incredibly hot in my office, and the computers are sometimes, shut themselves off, to prevent some heat damage.