Florian Bogdan is a self taught musician and producer, he plays with digital kit and sometimes analog to reproduce the sum parts of his youth spent enjoying a wide variety of guitar stuff, nineties hip hop and psychedelic electronica skewed through his own inner misheard reproduction or individual view on what is a cool sound or sounds nice soundtracks, short tracks and soundscapes are all within his ability. In late 2013 he has founded his own label Flaredust Records and finally realized his film soundtrack for the short movie „Monolog“. The coming years anticipate more work and development in the creative process making strange music and noises set to moving images.
An adventure into radio is immenient and further eps and collaborations under various different monikers (Cuticula, In the Cornfields, Metaxis, Iron Skills, …) will see the light of day soon.
Words : Rob Jessup (Campari Safari)