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We observe a young man. He s now sitting there weighing in on his options on how to commit suicide.

He is not alone though, his other selves, the hippie, the cool guy and the old man are always with him.

Together they go on a metaphysical journey through the young man s life, time and space don’ t matter anymore. We meet the young man as a boy-choir member, trying to run away from two very mean looking bullies.

We join a party, where all his ex-girlfriends (and boyfriends) do nothing but complain about him, we go on an esoterically fuelled self healing trip and although he doesn’ t achieve spiritual enlightenment, he at least got enough material for an audiobook out of it.

monolog” is a 14-minute short film by the young Viennese-director Christian Thüringer, who also plays all the lead roles.

The short film will was on festival tour world wide in 2014 and 2015 and won several awards,

including best original screenplay, best actor and best video editing.


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